BBC, Al Jazeera, Sky News - The Plastic Revolution is on!

As we finalize Flipflopi 'Dogo, our 7mt prototype dhow made entirely from recycled plastic, the media world has turned its lens to the little island of Lamu on the north coast of Kenya where the Plastic Revolution was born...

From Al Jazeera, to BBC, Sky News and the popular French channel, TFI, we have had a busy last few weeks showing the world, that indeed, this is possible.

Here is what they have to say starting with Al Jazeera's Catherine Soi:

Meanwhile, TF1, one of France's most popular television stations spent a few days on Lamu Island with Ali Skanda and in Malindi with Regeneration Africa and other Flipflopi Partners...

And no plastic pollution story will go untold by the Sky Ocean Rescue team

Special thanks to Siegfried Modola from Reuters from taking our story to the international wires!