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To bring about global change on how single-use plastic is used, we need to take our message further: to reach more communities living around the Indian Ocean and eventually to places like China and Indonesis, some of the highest emitters of marine plastic in the world. To do this we need to build an ocean-faring dhow, one that is capable of sailing around the world. VISIT GO FUND ME TO GET THE BIG BOAT AFLOAT

Your funds will be used directly to create The FlipFlopi innovation, from the collections of the plastic litter, to the recycling process, manufacture and build of a 50-tonne boat,  and employment of the local boat building team. 



We have made it simple and secure for you to donate online through Stripe.



The FlipFlopi Expedition is a project of Radha Shyam Trust, a UK registered charity (No. 1148637). 


Let's create a world free of single-use plastic

Constructing a boat with recycled plastic and flip-flops isn’t an easy task .... but you don’t have to build a plastic dhow to make a difference. Lots of small individual actions can also have a big impact on the planet. The more people who join the #plasticrevolution and take action, the more we can do for the world’s oceans!


4 Ways you can help The Plastic Revolution


Say NO to single-use plastic like plastic bags, straws, cutlery & cups.

Sign the Clean Seas Pledge and join the movement.

RECYCLE what you can’t refuse, reduce, or reuse.

DONATE to The Flip Flopi to take our message further 


We can STOP plastic pollution. TOGETHER. Please HELP SPREAD OUR MESSAGE.

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