A World Without Single-Use Plastic


Let's kick start a #PlasticRevolution!

We are kickstarting a #plasticrevolution by building a boat out of recycled plastic and sailing it 5,000kms from Kenya to Cape Town, sharing solutions - changing mindsets along the way. Our oceans are turning into plastic soup. Creatures that live in and around them are being poisoned – over 12 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into oceans every year. Your donation will help turn 60 tonnes of waste into a global message to end single use plastic. Join the journey and be a part of the change. Click HERE to donate



Plastic is incredibly durable, versatile and valuable.  But its greatest strengths - combined with a global 'use once & throw away' culture - are causing damage to the environment.  

The #Plasticrevolution is creating a movement for change - a mass movement composed of individuals, companies, groups, even governments, all committed to bringing about a world without single-use plastic.


For the past two years we have worked tirelessly to build a 7mt prototype entirely from recycled plastic and we are now ready to build a 20mt dhow that will be able to sail from Lamu to Cape Town!                     

We are asking for donations of $10 to $50 and if you would like to donate more, then ask your friends, families or coworkers. After all, we all use plastic and we all need to do our bit! Watch the film above for more information...


From BBC to Al Jazeera, Sky News, Reuters, CNN, The East African, Der Spiegel and more...

Check out all the latest news from local and international media on the world's first recycled plastic dhow that has taken the world by storm and kick started a #PlasticRevolution


The Expedition

The Flipflopi Dhow is being built with waste plastic and will sail 5250kms from Kenya to Cape Town to raise awareness about marine plastic pollution.

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12.2 Million Tonnes of Plastic

Enters The Ocean Every Year

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Why not just set up a charity, or lots of local groups doing trash clean-ups on beaches and towns around the world?

Bringing about global change in the modern world of 7.5 billion consuming humans is not an easy thing to do.  Trying to do so through an entity like a charity, or a committed group of volunteers rarely works, because it relies on specific peoples energy (and often lots of money!).  That energy & money does good whilst it lasts, but it’s a finite resource and when it runs out… it runs out!  

But it turns out that there are 2 conditions – which, when met, make creating global change, in principle, a relatively straightforward thing to do.  The 2 conditions are;

  • When a lot of people care about something, and
  • When those people have a way to unite. 

Raising awareness will bring about the first condition and the #Plasticrevolution creates a platform, and the opportunity, for the second.


Get Involved

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