Plastics Are Forever - A documentary

Ocean Plastics research and activism mainly happens in the developed world, ­ Europe and west coast USA in particular.  And the relevance of many of the conversations are questionable as they are talking to the wrong people!  The 5 biggest emitters of ocean plastics are in Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, China, the Philippines & Malaysia) ­ countries and consumers that are part of the developing world.  In a decade from now as Africa's populations continue to explode, its likely African nations will be on this leader-board.  In that context it is highly relevant that the Flipflopi Project comes from and represents our continent. 

Working with the media houses and independent film makers, the Aga Khan University Graduate School of Media and Communications is addressing this very issue in the broader environmental context by  Giving Nature a Voice  - a local voice. "Without information and context the local population cannot understand how ecological destruction will degrade their own lives. Only local voices can create the popular groundswell that will goad lawmakers to act, before it's too late."

Plastics are Forever is a documentary that gives a local context to one of the most pressing environmental problems of our time featuring various local initiatives including the Flipflopi Project. The documentary will be aired on NTV in Kenya in December.

Watch the trailer below: