The #Plasticrevolution on KTN Business Today

On the 8th of May, we were invited onto the live ‘Business Today’ show on KTN.  

Filmed live in the KTN studios, we were represented by Ben, who was asked for his views on the recently announced nationwide plastic bag ban in Kenya, The Flipflopi Projects key objectives and about the #Plasticrevolution campaign to end single-use plastics.

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Here is a summary of the topics discussed; 

  • The Flipflopi Projects support of Judi Wakhungu’s (Kenya Cabinet Secretary for the Environment) recent announcement of a nationwide plastic bag ban in Kenya.  Ben urged Kenyan consumers to support the ban – which is due to be implemented in September 2017. 
  • The positive characteristics of plastics; as Ben said – “if a plastic bag can last for 500 years, why only use it for 35 seconds.  It just doesn’t make sense”... 
  • Ben explained the campaign focus of the Flipflopi Project... to raise awareness about how valuable plastics can be.  
  • He explained that he wanted to encourage innovation by making people think – “just look, those guys have built a boat and are going to set sail for Cape Town in South Africa, all out of the plastic that I normally just throw away.  If they can do that, then surely I can do something to re-use, or re-cylce my plastic too”. 
  • Ben described the Flipflopi Project was aiming to start a #Plasticrevolution – a global campaign to end single-use plastics, and how that campaign would start right here in Kenya on the 8th June, in support of World Oceands 
Ben Morison