Rift Valley Adventures sponsors the Flipflopi!

Very pleased to announce that Rift Valley Adventures, where I have worked for the past five years is financially supporting the Flipflopi! As a leading outdoor adventure company with our main base on the foothills of Mount Kenya and over 15 years of experience running school trips all over the world and Adventurous Training for the British Army, you can imagine we have seen our fair share of the negative impact that single use plastics is having on our environment. Every time we go up Mount Kenya with our groups, our guides come down the mountain with heaps of plastic bottles!


There isn't a place that has not been affected by plastic pollution and we are all responsible. As a company, we firmly believe it is our responsibility to contribute to the protection and conservation of the environment we work in as well as help the communities we live alongside. In Kenya, for example, Rift Valley Adventures is the largest contributor of tourism conservation fees to Ngare Ndare Forest which is included in the Mount Kenya UNESCO World Heritage List where we run some of our adventure activities.

Reducing our environmental footprint and single use plastic consumption is equally important. Simple solutions like not offering plastic bottles or straws but instead, ensuring clients have a reusable bottle that they can fill at our camps as well as purchasing all our vegetables from local sources where it is packed in crates and baskets or trying to bulk purchase products such as sugar, rice helps reduce the amount of plastic packaging that enters our system.

"Like our expeditions that challenge people in the natural environment, the Flipflopi Project has it's own environmental challenge: reduction of single use plastics, clean up the environment, recycle the waste plastic, and build the world's first recycled plastic dhow using traditional methods and artisans from the local community. It covers everything that is dear to RVA: the environment, community, culture, challenge and adventure! That's why it gets RVA's support. We love the big outdoor challenges that have a purpose and goal. Why would you not support it? We are and you should get involved too," says Nick Miller, Managing Director for Rift Valley Adventures.