The #Plasticrevolution on the TEDx stage

On the 20th of May Elahe presented on the TEDx stage at ISK in Nairobi. 

It followed a selection process which involved us submitting all the background information about The Flipflopi Project, our aims and objectives, and an outline of the key messages we could use the opportunity provided by the TEDx stage, to deliver.


In front of a select audience, Elahe presentation incorporated;

  •  A short history of plastics… invented in 1907, in popular use since the 1950’s, ubiquitous in 2017!
  • Its qualities of durability, flexibility and value… and the damage these ‘strengths’ can have on the environment when not properly managed.
  • Solutions… a mindset geared toward thinking of plastics as part of a circular economy – reduce, reuse & recycle
  • The Flipflopi project… an example of exactly this ‘already-used plastics being used to create value (the Flipflopi Dhow)  and real utility… a dhow that doesn’t just look good, but is capable of sailing 5,250kms to Cape Town!’  

Elahe’s talk was really very well received and we will be posting a link & some reviews on this post shortly.


21th May 2017

Elahe takes the #Plasticrevolution to the TEDx stage

Ben Morison