Walk the Talk - Kenya says Plastic Bag ban is here to stay!

The Ministry of Environment in Kenya has put its foot firmly down stating to all that the ban on plastic bags will go public on 28th August 2017 despite huge resistance from various sectors in the private industry.

Whilst many have accused the Ministry of not allowing sufficient time for consultation and to roll it out, CS Prof Wakhungu, has rightfully stood her ground reminding Kenyans that we have been talking about this publicly for the past ten years and this is the third time Kenya is trying to enforce the ban on plastic bags. This time it’s here to stay! Hongera Prof. Wakhungu!

There have indeed been several public consultative forums with the last one being hosted by UNEP and NEMA on 21st June at the United Nations. We felt very privileged to have been invited to attend the forum with participants from all over East Africa and beyond, including the Director for Rwanda’s Environment Management Authority; her counterpart in Uganda; the Ambassador to India as well as Columbia; and key representatives from the private sector including the Kenya Association of Manufacturers. Not only were we able to attend the forum but also given space to showcase the magic that is becoming the Flipflopi Project with our recycling partners Regeneration Africa.

There is no question that the general consensus is that Kenya has taken the right step forward and whilst there will be challenges, the benefits to the environment and public health at large, far outweigh the convenience of carrying your shopping in a plastic bag! It was fascinating to learn more about Rwanda’s successful enforcement and zero tolerance towards plastic bags.

The Flipflopi Project salutes Kenya and this could not be a better time to launch the Plastic Revolution and sail our plastic dhow across the Indian Ocean proving that positive change is possible...