Why not just set up a charity, or lots of local groups doing trash clean-ups on beaches and towns around the world?

Bringing about global change in the modern world of 7.5 billion consuming humans is not an easy thing to do.  Trying to do so through an entity like a charity, or a committed group of volunteers rarely works, because it relies on specific peoples energy (and often lots of money!).  That energy & money does good whilst it lasts, but it’s a finite resource and when it runs out… it runs out!  

But it turns out that there are 2 conditions – which, when met, make creating global change, in principle, a relatively straightforward thing to do.  The 2 conditions are;

  • When a lot of people care about something, and
  • When those people have a way to unite. 

Raising awareness will bring about the first condition and the #Plasticrevolution creates a platform, and the opportunity, for the second.