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UN Environment

17th January 2019 - Tranquil trailblazer: Flipflopi dhow to take its plastic revolution on Indian Ocean tour.

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SA Express - Inflight magazine

January 2019 - Floating on Flip-Flops

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The Star

12th January 2019 - A traditional dhow made entirely from plastic trash collected from Kenya’s beaches and towns will make its maiden voyage later this month from Lamu to Zanzibar.


Why I love Kenya

December 2018 - Flipping the trend with “Kenya’s own world-famous dhow”


Daily Nation

December 2018 - Our boat builder Ali Skanda’s effort has been recognised by being identified as a kenyan hero.



October 2018 - Kenyan volunteers taking the matter of plastic pollution into their own hands.


Al Jazeera

16th September 2018 - Film about the Flipflopi launch on the World Cleanup Day.



15th September 2018 - The Flipflopi prototype sailed for the first time in the waters off Kenya’s Lamu island.


KTN News

15th September 2018 - Kenya’s leading TV station has been following the Flipflopi from the very beginning.


The Times

9th July 2018 - Triggering Africa’s Blue Planet Moment


ZDF Heute

5th June 2018 - How boats from recycled plastic help people, animals and nature in Lamu.


Surveyor Magazine

 A floating vision of Plastic-Free Seas

the flip flopi

BBC News

3rd May 2018 - Using flip-flops to build a boat and clean the ocean


Kenya Airways - Msafari

Solving the plastic problem, in Lamu the local community is building a boat from recycled plastics and flip flops


Pulse Live Kenya

The World's first plastic boat is set to go on water in July


British Airways In-Flight Magazine

Article written by Ben Morison for the British Airways In-Flight Magazine which is brilliant.


Spiegel Online

Plastikmüll ist weltweit ein Problem. Einige Staaten ergreifen harte Maßnahmen im Kampf gegen die Umweltverschmutzung - in Kenia drohen sogar Haftstrafen, wenn jemand eine Plastiktüte nutzt.


Sky News

11th Nov 2017 - Sky News reporters Alan McGuinness’ excellent article and 2 minute news footage highlighting plastic issues and our “ingenious idea to put the plastic polluting our oceans to good use”



11th Nov 2017 – amazing coverage on the BBC website globally.  The 1 minute clip was headline article on BBC News, and BBC Africa sections for a full weekend ensuring our story and key messages were viewed by millions of people worldwide.

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Al Jazeera

12th Nov 2017 – Film and article by Al Jazeera journalist Catherine Soi who visited us in Kenya to learn more about the process we’ve developed to turn ocean plastics into our revolutionary sailing boat.



10th Nov 2017 – we were very lucky to have Paris based Reuters journalist Siefried Modola visit us in Lamu in November.  Thanks to his excellent article and photography


LCI  (leading French TV News Channel)

6th Nov 2017 – this 4 minute segment broadcast nationally in France exposed the plastics problems faced in Kenya and on The Flipflopi Projects work to address them. 


Fly-SAX Inflight Magazine

What ever floats your boat


Safari Link

A dhow made from plastic?


CNN - Inside Africa

Reinventing the recycling business in Kenya

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Fair Planet

World’s first: the plastic-only boat to fight pollution

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What's Good Networks

Kenya’s Plastic Battle and how a Plastic Dhow is Setting Sail to Save the Ocean

plastic dhow

The Weekend (South Africa) - Quirky Flipflopi Dhow to Carry Plastic Message 

A pioneering crew of environmental activists are putting their best foot forward with the flipflopi dhow, a vessel made entirely of recycled plastic - including a whole lot of flip flops - which they will sail 5,000km from Lamu Island off Kenya to Cape Town.

plastic dhow

The Flipflopi Expedition featured in South Africa

When innovative Africans create a project that turns abandoned flip-flops and other plastics into a boat that can sail the seven seas, then you know that the circular economy is coming into its own.

plastic revolution

#Plasticrevolution in Cumbria 

This article by the excellent Sara Royle in the Westmorland Gazette, a regional newspaper in the UK, previews the Flipflopi Exhibition at The Hub in Sedbergh.

ship on a mission to save oceans

Ship on a mission to save oceans

From the Daily Nation - one of Kenya's leading daily newspapers.


Citizen TV interview Sam Ngaruiya 

In June 2017 we were invited to attend a Kenya government organised 'Stakeholders forum' on the implementation of the impending plastic bag ban.  Here Citizen TV interview Flipflopi team member Sam Ngaruiya.


China's official media press agency Xinhua report on the Flipflopi Project

Here Xinhua - the biggest and most influential media organization in China - report on the launch of our #Plasticrevolution campaign with our Kenya's celebrities film...


The #Plasticrevolution on KTN Business Today

On the 8th of May, we were invited onto the live ‘Business Today’ show on KTN.


Flip-flop dhow to fight plastic waste in historic Lamu-to-Cape Town voyage

A one of a kind dhow in the world is set to make its maiden trip from Lamu to Cape Town, a journey of 5,250km, in January next year.

recycled plastic boat

Recycled plastic boat is set for its maiden voyage to SA

Preparations for The Flipflopi Expedition are on at a Lamu beach, where waste plastic and discarded flip-flops collected from Kenyan beaches and towns are being used to build a 60 foot boat that is destined to sail to Cape Town.

plastic dhow

The East African

Lamu plastic dhow sails to save oceans

The flipflopi on CNBC Africa

Ben speaking on CNBC Africa

In May 2017 Ben had a brilliant opportunity to speak about business's role in environmental sustainability ( - and despite studio sound issues meaning he could not hear the questions - he got his point across)

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Standard Newspaper

Opinion: Plastic revolution is here with us



A Malindi based plastic waste company is set to build the first ever dhow made with recycled plastic and discarded flip-flops at a cost of 60 million shillings.


Project Aware

Beach Clean Ups with Kitty Inn

flipflopi dhow

Nomad Magazine

In the second issue of Nomad Magazine, we bring you our pick of private houses and explore the charm of Lamu Island with its distinct culture and rhythm that is quite unlike anywhere else on the Kenyan coast.


The Scoop

Salim Amin of Africa 24 media hosting Ben Morison & James wakibia where they talk about the #PlasticRevolution and the FlipFlopi dhow

the flipflopi on coast week

Coast Week

Coast conservationists sailing 'plastic' Lamu dhow to Cape Town



Exploring Lamu Archipelago with #RoutesAdventure

plastic boar - St. Andrew's Turi

St Andrew's, Turi

We are building a pioneering 60ft sailing boat entirely from recycled waste


Routes Adventure

MY HEART was left in LOVELY LAMU - Discover Lamu Part 1



Let’s sail on flip flop boat

plastic dhow - ATC News

ATC News

A sailing dhow of a different kind is being built in Kenya

Plastic Revolution - Komba


Plastic: Waste or valuable?

The flipflopi boat - People Daily

People Daily

Let’s sail on a flip flop boat