"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has"  - Margaret Mead


What is the Plastic Revolution?

The Plastic Revolution is a movement for change - a group of people who share the view that production and consumption of single use plastics is not sustainable. 

Why do we need a movement? 

There are 2 conditions – which, when met, make creating global change, in principle, a relatively straightforward thing to do.  The 2 conditions are;

  1. When a lot of people care about something.
  2. When those people have a way to unite.
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When a lot of people care


A quick look on the internet and you’ll see there are a lot of people who already know about the damage that plastic is doing to the environment, especially the marine environment.  We estimate there to be over 1000 different organisations dedicated to understanding and combating the plastic pollution problem.   But the common criticism leveled at many of them is that they preach to the converted… that their audiences are already 'believers'.  

The challenge is therefore: how do we build awareness in the mainstream - outside of the niche groups that are ‘already interested’??

The FlipFlopi Project addresses just this question.  Flipflops are worn by 3 billion people worldwide.  They are colourful and commonplace, and they connect across language barriers, geography, age groups, financial divides, sexes, nationalities, and culture.  They are the ultimate connector.  And in the form we are using them, they are undeniably fun. They enable our environmental campaigning to be positive, engaging and fun…. a world away from the doom and gloom of traditional environmental messaging.  Add to this the worldwide media attention from the 5,000km sailing expedition – and its clear the Flipflopi Project can bring important issues about plastic consumption to an audience of mainstream consumers.   This is the Flipflopi Projects raison d’etre – a catalyst for change.


When people who care can unite


The awareness of, and ‘care’ about, an issue by lots of people - does not bring about any change on its own, unless there is a mechanism for them to group.  The Plastic Revolution movement is a response to the simple need to connect these passionate individuals. 

A MOVEMENT is defined in the Oxford dictionary as “a group of people working together to advance their shared political social or artistic ideas…” and a REVOLUTION, in the Cambridge dictionary is described as “a very important change in the way that people do things”

Put these things together - and it should be clear why we need a #Plasticrevolution movement to bring about the global changes required to protect our environment from plastic pollution.


The #Plasticrevolution Movement

Below are just some of the many individuals, companies, schools & other institutions, that have joined the #Plasticrevolution by actively advocating for a world without single-use plastics.