We are seeking partners and sponsors for the boat and expedition.  Join the #plasticrevolution

join the plastic revolution

Partner with us

Plastic pollution is becoming one of the defining environmental issues of the 21st century.  Partnering with the Flipflopi Project puts your company or organisation on the right side of the issue.   And it offers wide ranging opportunities as a marketing and publicity platform.   

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Sponsor a school

We are running competitions in schools that encourage children to think about plastic recycling & care for the environment.  Each competition requires USD400 to operate (mainly to fund prizes for the most enterprising students).  Schools are in Kenya and in the UK currently and we invite individuals or companies who would like to support a school to get in touch for a detailed sponsor pack.

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Collaborate with us on your environmental policy

We are looking for organisations that have formal environmental policies that include responsible and realistic practices about plastic consumption & recycling in the work place.  

Please share your policies with us @theflipflopi and on social media with #Plasticrevolution & #Responsiblecompany.   You are setting a good example, its important that you show it. 

Following a request from a leading international media house, we also have an opportunity for two to three organisations with positive codes of practice to feature as part of a 20 minute focus segment on the Flipflopi Project to air on a well known news channel.