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“The Flipflopi Project is playing a vital role in engaging the public at large in thinking about plastic differently, They have a colourful and innovative way of talking about the issue – and their message is really hitting home, reaching parts of the population that other initiatives seldom do.”

- Judi Wakhungu, Kenya’s Ambassador to France


IMPact of our first expedition
FROM Lamu to Zanzibar, JANUARY/February 2019



Featured in >50 news outlets;
broadcast radio and TV;
local, regional and international coverage including The Times UK, BBC, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, CNN, Al Jazeera, China Daily, Xinhua, Msafiri,Times of India, The Guardian, BA Highlife, Sky News, Reuters, Japan Times

10,000+ visitors, worldwide audience of 850m+ via media coverage, and irrefutable proof that waste plastic can and should have a second life

At launch: 100 media outlets, 30 different languages

600k viewings of feature film

> 1.2 million social media hits (From Africa to Europe/Asia/South America)



With individuals, businesses and policy makers at national and regional level

We reached 12 different communities along the East African coastline; directly engaging >5000 people

We ran 7 community events, together with >50 local conservation and ecotourism partners along the way

~ 3000 schoolchildren came on the boat to learn about plastic pollution

~50 recycling workshops were conducted showing how to make valuable things from wasted plastic with low-tech tools

We directly engaged 250 people from the Kenyan tourism fraternity including county & national government members

The Kenyan PET industry body PETCO pledged to find new solutions to plastic pollution

Government ministers and environmental governing bodies made commitments for long-term solutions


Inspiring Action

Direct impact and action has occurred as a result of our first overseas expedition

39 businesses, including 37 hotels in Kenya, committed to banning the use of plastic bottles and straws, replacing them with sustainable alternatives

The Mombasa county government committed to close down biggest dumpsite and install environmentally friendly waste management systems in its place


Impressions of the Expedition to Zanzibar