Following our expedition from Lamu to Zanzbar in early 2019, the Flipflopi will be making a different expedition – this time on land, on the back of a lorry.  That is because we have been invited to participate in the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi on the 11th to 15th March. 

The assembly is a gathering of Environment Ministers, high ranking officials, and business leaders from around the world – and the focus of this, the fourth UN Environment Assembly is; 

Innovative solutions for environmental challenges and sustainable consumption and production

At the invitation of UNEP, the Flipflopi will be transported on the back of a large articulated lorry inland from Mombasa to Nairobi – where she will form a centre exhibit for the conference.  A colourful and immediate example of what is possible when you think about plastic as re-usable, part of a circular rather than linear economy. 

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“The Flipflopi has always been about demonstrating ‘the possible’… and we’ve been able to show this to an audience of millions on social media and through news reporting. I’m thrilled we can now add to that list - decision makers in charge of environmental policy around the world”.  

Project Leader Dipesh Pabari

“Given the focus of this UN Environmental Assembly on ‘sustainable consumption and production’ – we are delighted to be able to showcase a globally leading voice on precisely these topics, especially one that has its roots right here in Kenya.”

Daniel Cooney, UN Communication Deputy Director with UN Environment