Mombasa to Nairobi 2019


Flipflopi Draws Large Crowds at UNEA-4


Following our expedition from Lamu to Zanzibar in early 2019, the Flipflopi made a different expedition – this time on land, on the back of a lorry. The destination? The United Nations in Nairobi, where the fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly was taking place from 11th to 15th March 2019.

Under the theme Innovative Solutions for Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Consumption and Production,’ this assembly positioned Flipflopi in front of dignitaries, private sector representatives, and media correspondents - a colourful and immediate example of what is possible when you think about plastic as re-usable; part of a circular rather than a linear economy.


Setting big goals

After five days of talks, ministers from over 170 United Nations Member States delivered bold pledges and resolutions, among them to:

- Significantly reduce single-use plastics by 2030 and work with the private sector to find affordable and environmentally friendly products

- Establish a multi-stakeholder platform within UN Environment to take immediate action towards the long-term elimination of litter and microplastics

- Address the problem of marine litter by looking at the full life-cycle of products and increasing resource-efficiency


UNEA Highlights

- 1000+ UNEA participants engaged with Flipflopi, including President of Kenya, H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Amina Mohammed, UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador and Chinese superstar Karry Wang, and Kenya Ambassador Prof. Judi Wakhungu

- Media coverage by UN Environment, AllAfrica, the British High Commission, and the Australian High Commissioner



“Given the focus of this UN Environmental Assembly on ‘sustainable consumption and production’ – we are delighted to be able to showcase a globally leading voice on precisely these topics, especially one that has its roots right here in Kenya.”

Daniel Cooney, UN Communication Deputy Director with UN Environment


“Just by looking at it, it makes me happy. I think people don't believe in themselves in Africa because we are lower in economic terms. We have to make people believe that everyone is able to make an impact and bring about change.”

Charlotte Wanja, Our Earth in 2050 winner, speaking about the Flipflopi dhow


“The Flipflopi has always been about demonstrating ‘the possible’… and we’ve been able to show this to an audience of millions on social media and through news reporting. I’m thrilled we can now add to that list - decision makers in charge of environmental policy around the world.”

Dipesh Pabari, Project Leader