Lake Victoria 2020



Taking the message upstream!

The purpose of our next Expedition is to take our message upstream, from our coastal home in Lamu, to our brothers and sisters across Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, who are living on the fringes of Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest freshwater lake and the second largest in the world, the principal source of the River Nile, supporting over 40 million people and a wonderful diversity of fauna and flora. The United Nations states that a staggering
8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the oceans every year and 90% of this plastic comes from ten major rivers–the Nile being one of them

The heritage and health of the oceans are connected to the health of Lake Victoria, so we require a change in mindset and a change in behaviour from both the upstream and downstream stakeholders and communities.


Why are you going upstream?

Whilst the global plastic pollution discourse is predominantly focused on the impact to our oceans, the reality is that the major source of marine pollution starts upstream and single use plastic products are ubiquitous. Our addiction to plastic has diffused through every part of society but the negative impacts of single use consumption both to the environment and human health largely remain unknown to the majority of East Africans.  

What will you be doing?

Over a two-week period we anticipate at least ten major events between three countries (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) where we will be meeting with business leaders, community leaders, conservationists, policy-makers and school children, in order to highlight the impact of plastic pollution on the lake and other environmental challenges it faces, and what we can all do about it. 

What do you hope to achieve?

Through events, community engagement and mainstream media, we intend to:

  1. Highlight the upstream impacts of such pollutants on the lake environment and human health.

  2. Engage with communities at large around the lake in order to promote circular economy principals relating to both plastic and non-plastic pollutants through promoting traditional values and principles already inherent in the cultural framework.

  3. Showcase and promote the spirit of innovation and human ingenuity through the Flipflopi Boat and promoting other local innovations within the surrounding communities.

We estimate reaching in excess of 10,000 people directly and over 200 million people through our media campaign. 


Come on board
- Become a Lake Victoria expedition partner!

We are looking for a number of core partners to financially support this Expedition, partners who share our joint vision to take our #plasticrevolution upstream to communities across East Africa in order to catalyse behavioural and policy change to improve people’s lives while reducing pollution in this great lake of ours.

> If your organisation wants to become a partner, and the opportunity to demonstrate UN SDG alignment and African leadership to a critical global environmental issue, please get in touch today

> If you are a local NGO based in Lake Victoria and are interested in participating in the expedition, do reach out to us!